Purpose and structure of the SORMAS Foundation

The SORMAS Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Brunswick, Germany, dedicated to promoting sustainable public health initiatives worldwide. Our primary focus is on the prevention and control of transmissible diseases through development cooperation, science, and research. We achieve this through the development, promotion, and implementation of innovative digital systems that support national and international public health organizations in the early detection and containment of epidemics.

Our flagship system, SORMAS, is a state-of-the-art digital platform that serves as a guidance system for disease control efforts. However, our activities extend beyond SORMAS to encompass a wide range of public health initiatives, including research, capacity building, and advocacy. Our team of experts is committed to collaborating with partners around the world to develop effective and sustainable solutions to global health challenges.

We support local, national and international organizations in the development and implementation of SORMAS and other digital open source systems for disease prevention and mitigation."


"SORMAS is the leading and most sustainable epidemic management system worldwide"

Activities of the SORMAS Foundation

• Strategic conception of the future of SORMAS
• Moderation and quality assurance of contributions to SORMAS (curation)
• Support for the digitization of public health services
• Maintenance of the open source community around SORMAS
• Qualification of trainers for SORMAS
• Accreditation of service providers

Support the goals of the SORMAS Foundation


Contribute to the further development of SORMAS with your knowledge and technical skills.
The foundation supports you in identifying suitable contributions.


Use SORMAS in your field. The more organizations, countries and people use and know about SORMAS, the more effective and efficient the benefits will be.
The Foundation will be happy to advise and support you in this regard.

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Support the work of the foundation through donations or endowments, which are tax deductible.