SORMAS Best User for the Month of May, 2019

All growth depends on activity, there’s no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work. – Calvin Coolidge

SORMAS Nigeria currently covers over 194 LGAs in Nigeria with the Disease Surveillance Notification Officer (DSNOs) at the crux of the all data reporting from these local governments. Their effort, acceptance and hard work has resulted in several improvements on the platform.

To motivate effective usage, SORMAS celebrates the excellent work of SORMAS users by awarding the best user each month. This is done by a painstaking process of selection of the best report/user for the month across the States using a selection metrics which is mainly based on timeliness, completeness of data report and investigation done.

For the month of May 2019, we are glad to announce the Winner- Best User for the Month of May as the Yenagoa SO of Bayelsa State. (Mr. Oyaba Diemebonso).

Bayelsa State (Nigeria) has been the hotspot state of several outbreak diseases such as CSM, Monkeypox and Cholera.

To every #SORMAS User- we say #KeepPushing

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