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NCDC meets HZI

02.12.2021: A SORMAS team from the nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) participated in the meeting organised in Entebbe to customize and deploy a digital surveillance platform in the IGAD region.

SORMAS Meeting in Luxemburg

17.11.2021: Prof. Gérard Krause and his team of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research visited the Direction de la Santé in Luxemburg to plan the implementation of SORMAS in the country. We are looking forward to this cooperation!

Prof. Krause in Israel

07.11.2021: The Helmholtz chief epidemiologist Prof. Gérard Krause exchanging views on entrepreneurial challenges with Israeli startup founders.

French team meets German team

05.11.2021: Carolin from the french SORMAS team visited the German team from the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Brunswick this week to get to know the team and talk about upcoming challenges and developments.

SORMAS training with Ivory Coast continues

30.08.2021: Congratulations to the new SORMAS users at the Ivory Coast!
Last week again more than 30 health professionals trained for using the Surveillance Outbreak Response Management & Analysis System (SORMAS) in Bouaké region enhancing the local response to COVID-19.

SORMAS training with Ivory Coast

02.08.2021: Congratulations to the first SORMAS users in Abidjan after finishing their training last Friday!  
More than 30 health professionals learned how to use the Surveillance Outbreak Response Management & Analysis System (SORMAS) and will strengthen Côte d’Ivoire response to COVID-19.

Twitter: SORMAS Development

01.06.2021: Watch Dr Lois Olajides talk on Nigerias experience with SORMAS during the COVID-19 pandemic in the 44th ECHO episode on country experiences with digital tools during the pandemic.

SORMAS implementation in Oyo State

03.05.2021: Last week, the surveillance team of the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) was in Oyo State to support the implementation of the SORMAS tool for surveillance. The team supported the state to train surveillance officers and solve problems relating to our digital surveillance platform.

Twitter: SORMAS Development

21.01.2021: Follow our new SORMAS Development Twitter. The official Twitter account of the core development team of vita group, posting news and information for external contributors @SORMASDev

New website design

21.01.2021: welcome to our newly designed SORMAS website!