SORMAS. The real-time software for outbreak and epidemic surveillance. We're all about fighting epidemics.


SORMAS (Surveillance Outbreak Response Management & Analysis System) is the digital solution for mHealth and eHealth surveillance for epidemics world wide. 
It covers infectious diseases from COVID-19 to Ebola and provides digital infrastructure for timely management and control measures to verify disease cases. 

SORMAS Mission

The Surveillance, Outbreak Response Management and Analysis System (SORMAS®) aims to improve prevention and control of communicable diseases particularly in resource-poor settings. The system is being designed by those involved in public health surveillance and disease control. SORMAS is free of charge and adheres to highest data protection standards, good scientific practice and open access policy.

With SORMAS we want to help you fight and prevent outbreaks in your country to lower the burden of disease and improve standard of living world wide. To achieve these ambitious goals we offer an easy-to-use, multifunctional mobile and electronic health (mHealth and eHealth) application with real time data availability. 

SORMAS is open-source so every country in the world can use it because we believe that health is a right for everyone. We aim to support you along the way during implementation with webbased trainings and materials and a community that brings in experiences from different countries and perspectives. 

Top Features


SORMAS is open-source! You can simply download and use it. Want to contribute? Get in contact with our developers and help to develop SORMAS further.

Case-based Surveillance

Where are casees located? How many cases are there? What are the medical history, living situations or symptoms of my cases? Keep the overview with SORMAS' case-based surveillance.

contact follow-up management

Want to reduce the spread of infectious diseases? Follow-up any contacts of known cases, watch symptoms and keep control.

Web- and mobile based

Don't have an office? Use SORMAS on your tablet or smartphone. Take SORMAS whereever you need it!

Offline capability

No internet connection? No problem! SORMAS can be used ofline and will update itself automatically as soon as it is online.


Want to exchange data? SORMAS adhers to international data standards and enhances interoperability with NCDC, epi info and many more.

What we are often asked

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Please contact us if you have any questions or request to deploy SORMAS in your country. You can send us an e-mail or use the contact form. We’re looking forward to get in touch with you.