Key Features of SORMAS

Surveillance Dashboard

Case data and statistics are displayed in real-time in the Surveillance dashboard. Various indicators are calculated automatically. The epidemiological curve shows the evolution of the number of cases broken down into categories over a time period. The case status map shows the geographical distribution of cases.

Data is being displayed on a map of the country to easily locate clusters and hotspots

The dashboard is available for cases, contacts and samples and can be filtered to show exactly the data you need.

Graphs can be exported in various formats (PNG, JPG, PDF, CSV and more) for easy reporting.

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Infection Chain Visualization

The visualization of infection chains is key to assess the spread of diseases and support decision-making related to control measures.

Environmental Module

This module is an important step for integrating the OneHealth approach into SORMAS and provide the possibility to analyze the impact of the environment on human and animal health.

The environmental module allows users of SORMAS to create important environmental locations like water sources, wastewater facilites, forests and many more and track samples and results taken from these locations in real time.

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SORMAS provides an application programming interface (API) which allows for digital exchange of data between SORMAS and other systems.

Through the API, SORMAS is for example able to automatically receive sample test results from laboratories, citizen address databases or other surveillance systems.

For documentation on how to implement a connection between SORMAS and another system, please see the API specification. An explanation on how to access the specification can be found on the SORMAS github project.

Mobile Version

The mobile application of SORMAS (Availbale for Android Devices)  is designed to support data collection in the field by public health experts.

In the case of low-resource settings, the mobile app can be used offline. All data collected is stored on the device and will automatically sync with your central SORMAS server once internet connectivity is available again.

The SORMAS mobile app can be downloaded from the repository on github.

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Customizable User Rights

SORMAS provides a fully customizable rights & roles management system.

Create your own roles, exactly to your specific requirements and team structure.

Select from over 170 different rights to manage exactly what your users are able to see, edit or delete in the software.

SORMAS provides 26 different standard user roles that can be used out of the box or act as a foundation for your specific roles and users.

40+ Infectious Diseases

SORMAS can be used for surveillance and outbreak management of over 40 different infectious diseases, including:

  • Ebola
  • Cholera
  • Measles
  • M-Pox
  • Dengue
  • and many more…

For a full list of supported infectious diseases can be found in the documentation on github.

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Contact Follow-Up

The contact follow-up view of SORMAS allows you to get a detailed overview about all you currently active contacts.

Users can document contact tracing effort, developed symptoms, symptom onset times and much more.

This information will enable you to identify possible infections early and initiate any required next steps.

Statistical Analysis

Generate detailed situation reports with the integrated statistics module.

You can select from a wide range of indicators and create multiple different kinds of charts, maps and tables.

All generated reports can be exported and downloaded in multiple formats (PNG, JPG, CSV, and more).

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Localized in 18+ languages

SORMAS is available in different languages and dialects and is being actively translated into more languages by members of the community.

Some available languages are:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Urdu
  • Czech

For a full list of supported languages, the translation status or if you would like to help translating SORMAS, please see the SORMAS crowdin project.

... and many more

Feel free to explore our public demo system to see SORMAS in action for yourself or schedule an online system demo by one of our experts.