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Luxembourg launches SORMAS with automated lab message processing

On January 15th, Luxembourg marked a significant milestone in its healthcare infrastructure by going live with SORMAS (Surveillance, Outbreak Response Management, and Analysis System).

The decision to integrate SORMAS as the cornerstone of disease control operations commenced with a focused approach, starting with the adoption of the system for a single disease. This strategic move allowed for meticulous development, including the creation of an interface to the lab messages system. In particular, automated processing was developed from the analysis of incoming laboratory reports to the rule-based creation of cases, resulting in a significant reduction in workload.

Looking ahead, the Luxembourg health authorities have ambitious plans for the continued use of SORMAS. The inclusion of critical diseases such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and influenza is planned, and there is a roadmap for the inclusion of other diseases available in SORMAS. In addition, plans are underway to enable self-declaration by citizens to speed up contact tracing and minimize data entry errors.

The future development of the SORMAS implementation in Luxembourg is characterized by innovation and increased efficiency. Planned improvements include interface integration with the vaccination data base, further automation of the processing of laboratory reports for additional diseases and the optimization of reporting functions.

Dr. Anne Vergison, Head of the Health Inspection Division at the Luxembourg Health Directorate: “Following the experience from the COVID-19 pandemic, Luxembourg decided to introduce SORMAS for COVID-19 as well as other communicable diseases. SORMAS will interface with existing applications and new features are being developed in a generic way, in order not only to meet Luxembourg’s needs but to benefit the whole SORMAS community.”

Luxembourg’s adoption of SORMAS exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to public health, leveraging SORMAS capabilities to fortify disease surveillance and response mechanisms. As the nation continues to evolve its healthcare infrastructure, the integration of SORMAS stands as a testament to its commitment to safeguarding the well-being of its citizens.