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Maximizing Efficiency and Safety in Outbreak Response: Integration of the AEFI Module with the SORMAS Vaccination Module

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the latest addition to the SORMAS tool — the Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) module. Following international standards both in data collection and during the investigation process, this innovative module aims to bolster vaccine safety surveillance efforts, ensuring that immunization programs remain vigilant in monitoring and addressing any potential adverse events.

In line with our commitment to continuously enhance the capabilities of the SORMAS system and building on the success of previous modules within the SORMAS ecosystem, the AEFI module integrates seamlessly with existing functionalities such as the immunization module, streamlining data collection, analysis, and reporting processes. By centralizing AEFI data within the SORMAS platform, health authorities can efficiently identify trends, assess vaccine safety profiles, and make evidence-based decisions regarding response strategies.

In the event of an outbreak where vaccination serves as a critical control measure, the addition of this new feature to the existing vaccination module represents a significant advancement in outbreak response capabilities. By seamlessly linking these two modules, the SORMAS platform optimizes operational efficiency and enhances safety protocols.

The incorporation of the AEFI feature into the existing vaccination module streamlines data management processes, saving valuable front line staff time by eliminating the need for double data entry.

This integration not only improves the overall efficiency of data collection and analysis but also enhances monitoring capacity by providing real-time insights into adverse events associated with immunization efforts. Moreover, it will help instilling confidence in immunization programs and fostering community trust in vaccination initiatives.

The AEFI module’s capacity to export data in various formats, including the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting form, facilitates seamless information sharing with drug (and vaccines) regulatory agencies.

We are pleased to announce that the new AEFI module will be released with the upcoming version of SORMAS, further enhancing the platform’s capabilities in outbreak response.

This is a significant step forward in our collective efforts to strengthen outbreak management.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to ongoing innovation and collaboration to further enhance the capabilities of the SORMAS platform. As we continue to evolve in response to emerging public health challenges, we invite stakeholders to join us in leveraging the power of technology to safeguard global health. We encourage members of the SORMAS community to actively participate in testing the new AEFI module, providing valuable feedback to further refine and improve its functionality.

A webinar is available both in English and French. For inquiries about incorporating the AEFI module into your existing SORMAS system or to learn more about this new feature, please contact us at

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