~ 34 million



Implementation Level


Implementing Organization

Ghana Health Service

Use Case

Implemented for both indicator-based surveillance and for event-based surveillance.

Brief Description

Initiated in 2019 as a pilot in the Greater Accra and Upper West regions, SORMAS has significantly bolstered Ghana’s capacity to detect, respond to, and manage disease outbreaks. The system has been instrumental in tackling a variety of health crises, including Cholera, Monkey Pox, COVID-19, Influenza, and Yellow Fever, among other critical diseases.

With over 5,000 active users spanning all regions and districts, SORMAS has enhanced Ghana’s disease surveillance capabilities at the national, regional, and district levels. Its user-friendly interface, accessible via web and mobile applications, enables frontline health workers to efficiently report and monitor suspected cases. This facilitates the early detection and containment of outbreaks. Additionally, SORMAS promotes coordinated efforts among various stakeholders, including health authorities and community health workers, streamlining responses and fostering a unified approach to public health emergencies.