How SORMAS works

SORMAS is a comprehensive surveillance, management, and analysis tool for infectious diseases that enables countries to monitor and control outbreaks effectively. With SORMAS, public health officials can track infection rates, manage cases and contacts, and access real-time statistics and data visualizations.

This powerful tool is designed to work seamlessly across a range of devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Whether online or offline, users can access 10 different menus, each tailored to specific needs, such as case management, contact tracing, and task scheduling. The intuitive dashboard provides a centralized view of key data and statistics, making it easy to identify trends and track progress over time.

SORMAS is built to ensure data privacy and security, with different user roles and permissions to protect sensitive information. It also facilitates seamless communication and coordination among different public health institutes, such as hospitals, labs, and surveillance officers, streamlining workflows and enhancing collaboration.

You can watch our videos about the main user roles SORMAS offers below

SORMAS Overview

SORMAS Surveillance Officer

SORMAS Surveillance Supervisor

SORMAS Lab Manager

SORMAS Contact Officer

SORMAS Hospital Informant